Over 30 years’ experience in politics and business.

Simon Danczuk

I have over 30 years’ experience in politics and business at a national parliamentary, regional governance and local government level.

This has involved a range of positions, from Research Co-ordinator at The Big Issue in the North, to co-founding an award-winning business in Manchester, through to winning a key parliamentary seat, and now helping businesses develop and grow.

  • Started work at 16 in a local factory and then did evening classes to get the qualifications I failed to get at school.
  • Gained a degree, as a mature student, from Lancaster University, in political and economic sociology, whilst also working in the evenings and at weekends.
  • Elected to Blackburn Council, aged 27 and served eight years.
  • Began work as a researcher, first at Bolton Bury Training and Enterprise Council, moving on to a consultancy, then joining The Big Issue in the North in 1997.
  • In 1999 co-founded Vision Twentyone, a research and communications agency, with Anne McNamara and Ruth Turner.
  • Chosen in 2007 to fight Rochdale Parliamentary seat and went on to win it from the sitting MP in 2010.
  • As a Member of Parliament raised various key issues and:
  • Co-authored ‘Smile for the Camera: The Double Life of Cyril Smith.’
  • Named political campaigner of the year 2014 by the Political Studies Institute.
  • Instrumental in establishing the Independent Inquiry into Sexual Abuse.
  • Named Contrarian of the Year 2015.
  • On returning to business in 2017, now working with various companies and organisations on their development and profile.
  • Became Chairman of Downtown in Business London in 2019.

"Danczuk has taken on the British establishment and risked his own career by challenging it. He cannot be silenced or bought off. For that, he must be applauded.”

Opinion, City AM, 26th November 2015

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